The Learning and Assessment Portal

The LEARNING & ASSESSMENT PORTAL (LAP) has been created by Develop Training Ltd (DTL) to streamline and optimise approaches to training management. The LAP provides for an informed understanding of the learning and development needs of staff. It also facilitates the delivery of appropriate training to ensure that members of staff are both compliant with relevant legislation and progressing in their careers.

The LAP provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage a firm’s training requirements with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The LAP's intuitive user interface is straightforward to use, making it easy to perform in-depth analysis and view training data in ways that are both meaningful and actionable.

The LAP is capable of integrating with in-house HR or business systems. Alternatively data can be exported to spreadsheet format for manipulation or uploading to external systems. The LAP is designed to support the Learning and Development process by illustrating where training budgets can be best utilised to support business success.

Using the LAP, businesses can:

  • Manage and control their entire learning and development requirements from one platform
  • Allow employee and training information to be understood quickly and effectively
  • Measure, analyse and report on training company-wide, sorting by department, geographical location, or individual
  • Automate repeat tasks and reports at time intervals to suit
  • Automate e-mail and SMS reminders direct to staff

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